Package Bottle 1 liter Amount
Flavor Pomegranate
4006R Flavor Pomegranate CHF 36.00
Flavor Lemon
4006Z Flavor Lemon CHF 36.00

Isotone is a natural thirst quencher with concentrated fruit juice. Its benefits are twofold: 1) it works fast to provide the body with energy and valuable minerals, and 2) it is easily absorbed by the body. Isotone is different from any other sports drink because it contains no artificial additives, no acidifiers, preservatives, emulsifiers, stabilizers, sweeteners, colors, nada. And it shows: it has a fresh and fruity taste and it’s easy to digest, no matter what the workout or the exercise activity you persue. Using a separate dispenser, it is easy to administer the required amount. When diluted with water, one bottle of concentrate will yield 20 liters of the ready-to-drink sports beverage. Free from lactose and gluten.



1 serving = dissolve 33 g of concentrate in a bottle with 500 ml water. 2 ½ dispenser travel lengths = 33 g.



Store in a cool and dry place. 

Made in Switzerland.