Package Beutel 1200 g Amount
Flavor Neutral
3105N Flavor Neutral CHF 58.00
Flavor Lemon
3105Z Flavor Lemon CHF 58.00
Flavor Grapefruit
3105G Flavor Grapefruit CHF 58.00
Flavor Matcha Special Edition
3105M Flavor Matcha Special Edition CHF 68.00

120 g of carbs per hour without the sugar crash, stomach upsets and sickly flavours

You’re an endurance athlete, so let’s get straight to the point. To unleash your body’s potential, you need fuel. The more carbs per hour, the longer you can maintain peak performance.

But! Carb bombs can cause stomach cramps, sudden energy drops and heavy limbs.

Luckily, WINFORCE has engineered the solution for you. CHO MAXX’s special formula harnesses the latest scientific research to help your body handle up to 120 g of carbs per hour without the sugar spikes and stomach upsets. And the Groupama-FDJ Cycling team helped fine-tune the formula.

Our five delicious flavours — peach, lemon, grapefruit, matcha and neutral — are not sickly sweet like other products on the market. You’ll still be grabbing for your bottle even after three hours on the go! Scoop the powder out, add to water, give it a shake, and get ready to win!

Backed by science

WINFORCE’s food engineer Remo dedicated over three years to perfecting CHO MAXX’s formula using the latest scientific evidence, which shows the body can tolerate a glucose-to-fructose ratio of 1:0.8. This is equivalent to 120 g of carbohydrates per hour, helping you perform more intensively for longer.

Not only that, but he’s completely removed sickly sweet, blood-sugar-spiking maltodextrin and added a natural starch and isomaltulose mix. So, unlike most sports drinks, it will keep your blood sugar stable and has a delicious, less sweet flavour. With an osmotic concentration of 12% that won’t irritate your stomach, CHO MAXX contains more starch than usual while maintaining the convenience of an energy drink.

Don’t just take our word for it — CHO MAXX has countless official reports and tests to back our claims. And the Groupama-FDJ Cycling team agrees, making it the best product on the market.

Pure magic? No, pure science.



1 level measuring spoon = 15 g

For a 12% dosage:

1 drinking bottle 500 ml = 4 measuring spoons (60 g)

1 drinking bottle 750 ml = 6 measuring spoons (90 g)



Fill a drinking bottle (500 ml) with approx. 250 ml water, add four measuring spoons (60 g in total) of powder and shake well. Fill the bottle completely with water and shake again.



Store in a cool, dry place.