Day Protein

Package Beutel 750 g Amount
Flavor Neutral
1002N Flavor Neutral CHF 56.00
Flavor Erdbeere
1002E Flavor Erdbeere CHF 56.00
Flavor Vanilla
1002V Flavor Vanilla CHF 56.00
Flavor Cocoa
1002K Flavor Cocoa CHF 56.00
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Flavor Polar Berries
1002B Flavor Polar Berries CHF 68.00

New name, proven formula: DAY PROTEIN (formerly Whey Iso Protein) is a whey protein isolate with high protein concentrations and a high biological value. Rich in essential amino acids, this is the perfect product to satisfy your daily protein needs. Given that DAY PROTEIN is also free from sugar, lactose and gluten, it is easily digested, has a high solubility and tastes simply great.



For one serving, stir three measuring spoons (35 g) in a shaker with 300 ml water, low-fat milk or a preferred liquid. Shake well. Take one to two servings during the day.



Store in a cool and dry place. 

Made in Switzerland.