Carbo Basic Plus

Package Box 10 x 60 g Amount
Flavor Peach
3004P Flavor Peach CHF 29.00
Flavor Lemon
3004Z Flavor Lemon CHF 29.00
Flavor Matcha Special Edition
3004M Flavor Matcha Special Edition CHF 38.00
Flavor Polar Berries Special Edition
3004B Flavor Polar Berries Special Edition CHF 38.00
Package Beutel 900 g Amount
Flavor Neutral
3002N Flavor Neutral CHF 29.00
Flavor Lemon
3002Z Flavor Lemon CHF 29.00
Flavor Grapefruit
3002G Flavor Grapefruit CHF 29.00

Carbo Basic Plus is a unique combination of carbohydrates. Offering high concentrations of long-chain, complex carbs, this product was specifically designed for high-intensity and prolonged activities. Attention: this beverage has the smarts! The potato starch used was engineered to provide and maintain hypotonic stability, even if you drink a lot of it. In other words, this product is easily absorbed and processed by the stomach. Carbo Basic Plus is also highly effective in preventing a sudden drop in blood sugar levels. Carbo Basic Plus is a reliable bonk buster. Free from lactose, gluten and artificial additives.

Suitable also for carbo-loading before a competition.



1 serving = fill bottle (750 ml) with approx. 250 ml of water and add 60 g of powder. Shake well. Fill bottle completely with water and shake again. The recommended ingestion is 0.4 – 0.8 liters of liquid along with 30 – 90 g of carbohydrates per hour, depending on temperature and activity.



Store in a cool and dry place. 

Made in Switzerland.