Hydro Energy

Our HYDRO ENERGY isotonic liquid packs an explosion of energy. Its balanced carbohydrate ratio harnesses the latest scientific research to help your body handle more carbs without crashing or causing your stomach to flare up.

Choose between a refreshing pop of Cola, Lemon or Apple to up the energy and perform  at your maximum output. Simply tear the sachet open as you pelt down the road or track, gulp it down in one go – no need to add it to water! - and get ready to hit peak performance!

Endurance athlete in training? HYDRO ENERGY boasts the same glucose-to-fructose ratio of 1:0.8 as CHO MAXX. So you can take both together without sending your body into overdrive.


WINFORCE’s food engineer Remo dedicated countless hours to perfecting HYDRO ENERGY’s formula using the latest scientific evidence.

Scientific research now shows the body can tolerate a glucose-to-fructose ratio of 1:0.8, making it much easier for your body to use up to 120 g of carbohydrates per hour. HYDRO ENERGY delivers carbs without unbalancing your sugar levels, helping you perform more intensively for longer. It transports the carbs to where your body needs them most — swiftly, effectively, and with no undesired effects.

Its isotonic formulation means this liquid enters the bloodstream in a flash without causing stomach cramps. HYDRO ENERGY contains water, maltodextrin and fructose in quantities planned to guarantee optimal blood sugar glucose levels and a delicious, natural flavour.

We care about our natural environment. We have designed the opening shred to not detach fully, preventing accidental littering.


As required, take one to three HYDRO ENERGY during your exercise. No need to add it to water! 



Store in a cool and dry place.